Best answer: How do I change my McAfee agent language?

How do I change the language on McAfee Endpoint Security?

To change the Endpoint Security Client console language to English:

  1. Log on to the Endpoint Security Client.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click Show Advanced.
  4. Navigate to Common, Client Interface Language.
  5. Select the language to use for the Endpoint Security Client.
  6. Click Apply.
  7. Restart the Endpoint Security Client.

How do I update my McAfee agent?

Upgrade the agent manually

  1. Copy FramePkg.exe, from your McAfee ePO to a shared folder on a network server accessible by the target system. …
  2. On the target system, navigate to and right-click FramePkg.exe, select Run as administrator, and wait a few moments while McAfee Agent is upgraded.
  3. Click OK to complete the upgrade.

How do I get rid of unmanaged McAfee agent?

Run the frminst.exe /forceuninstall command:

  1. On the affected computer, click Start, Run, and type one of the following commands: “c:Program FilesMcAfeeAgentx86frminst.exe” /forceuninstall. Or: …
  2. To remove McAfee Agent processes from memory and complete the deletion of files, restart the computer.

How do I change McAfee to English?

Click Start, Programs, McAfee, and select VirusScan Console. Right-click Access protection, select Properties, and disable Prevent McAfee services from being stopped (if enabled). Select Tools, User Interface Options. Under Console Language Settings, select your preferred language, or select Automatic.

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What is the latest McAfee agent version?

0 because Data Exchange Layer is now integrated with McAfee Agent 5.6. 0: 3.0. 0 Hotfix 4, 3.0.


Product Name Minimum Compatible Version 1 Supported Environments Article
McAfee Client Proxy (Windows and Mac) 2.3.6 KB74182
Cloud Workload Security 5.3 KB90062

How do I restart McAfee agent service?

Restart the McAfee Agent services:

  1. Click Start, Run, type services. msc , and click OK.
  2. Right-click the following service and select Restart: McAfee Framework Service.

How do I update McAfee agent in ePO?

Upgrade manually

Use Framepkg.exe to manually upgrade McAfee Agent. Create and download Framepkg.exe from McAfee ePO. Right-click Framepkg.exe, select Run as administrator, and click OK to complete the upgrade.

How do I upgrade McAfee agent to ePO?

Check in the installation package to the Master Repository and install the new extension, then use the Product Deployment task to upgrade McAfee Agent. Note: It is not mandatory to update McAfee Agent key updater when you upgrade McAfee Agent to a new version. If needed, run the agent key updater task to get new keys.

What is ePO agent key updater?

agent key updater package: Agent Key Updater package is required to distribute new pair of master keys on update from the ePO managed repositories. They are backward compatible.