Your question: How do you calculate area of protection?

How is CPC size calculated?

In order to find the correct CPC size using an adiabatic equation you would have to determine the fault current at the end of the 16a ctt. In order to do this you would have to select a cable, say in this case 2.5mm, and, by knowing the length of the run required, find out it’s R1 + R2 by looking up the ohms per meter.

How do you determine lightning protection level?

The higher the efficiency of a lightning conductor is, the lower the risk of damages caused by lightning strikes will become. A protection level selection depends on the kind of building, its structure and value.

Conventional lightning protection system.

Protection Level Effectiveness of lightning conductor E
IV 0,80

How do you calculate the radius of a lightning arrester?

To calculate the different radii of protection of a ESE lightning rod, we must know the variables involved in the formulation: INGESCO PDC 3.1 model has ΔT=15 µs and thus Δ=15 m. Apply level II protection, the notional sphere radius corresponds to r = 30m. Consider the height h = 20m.

Why are there glass balls on lightning rods?

Lightning rods were embellished with ornamental glass balls (now prized by collectors). … The main purpose of these balls, however, was to provide evidence of a lightning strike by shattering or falling off.

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How do you find the minimum size of a protective conductor?

Try formula sq rt I squared x t divided by k and it gives you 1.88 so nearest cpc size is 2.5mm. So a minimum CSA of 2mm is required, 2.5mm is the correct answer.

How do I calculate earth wire size?

Let we calculate the required GI earth conductor size for 20kA Fault Current at 0.5 sec. Approximately 185Sqmm. Generally, GI is availed in the busbar structure hence Or You can take any combination of conductor size such as 50×3.5 Sqmm or 25x8Sqmm etc.

Earthing conductor size calculation Formula:

Material Material Constant (k)
Aluminium 126

What is the minimum diameter for a ground rod used in lighting protection?

The grounding electrode shall be made of a rod of not less than 12.5 mm in diameter, and 203 mm in length and be of copper-clad steel, solid copper, or stainless steel. It shall not be resistant to any corrosive condition existing at the installation or be suitably protected against corrosion.

What class is LPS?

Classes of LPS I, II, III and IV are defined as a set of construction rules based on the corresponding lightning protection level (LPL). Each set comprises level-dependent (e.g. radius of the rolling sphere, mesh size) and level-independent construction rules (e.g. cross-sections, materials).

What is lightning protection level?

LPL refers to the case of maximum surge current, based on the 10/350μs pulse current waveform, which is applied to the case of Type I protectors used in power entry level into a building.