Your question: How do I get to my EA account security settings?

Where do I find my EA account settings?

Edit your basic information

  • Go to your EA Account and Billing Settings.
  • Click on the About Me tab.
  • Click Edit next to: Basic Information to update your EA ID, Display Name, Real Name, and Date of Birth. …
  • Type in the code we send you to confirm your identity, then change away!

How do you manage your EA account security and safety?

Set up your account securely

  1. Create a strong, unique password. Weak passwords are easy to guess. …
  2. Use EA Login Verification for extra protection on certain EA services. Turn on Login Verification through your EA Account security settings menu. …
  3. Use trusted devices. …
  4. Mind where you play. …
  5. Add a secondary email to your EA Account.

How do I turn off EA security code?

If you ever want to turn off Login Verification, return to the My Account: Security page and select Turn Off. If you play FIFA, do not turn off Login Verification or you will lose access to the game.

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How do I fix my disabled EA account?

Re: My account has been disabled

  1. Click Contact usat the top of any page on EA Help.
  2. Select the game that your account was banned or suspended from. …
  3. Choose your platform.
  4. Select Manage my account, then Banned or suspended account.
  5. Fill out any other details below. …
  6. Click Select contact option.

How do I access my apex account privacy settings?

Go to Account and select Privacy and Online Safety. Select Xbox Live Privacy. Click View Details and Customize. Click Communications and Multiplayer.

How do I access my EA account on Apex?

1: First, Log Out of Origin/EA Help. 2: Now go to the EA Help and choose Log In. 3: Use the sign in option for your console, and log in with your console credentials.

How do I change my EA account security?

Go to your EA Account Security settings. Under Login Verification, click Turn On. We’ll send you a code via the method you choose right away. Use that code to activate Login Verification, and you’ll be all set.

How do you maintain your security account?

Step 1: Do a Security Checkup

  1. Add or update account recovery options. …
  2. Remove risky access to your data. …
  3. Turn on screen locks. …
  4. Update your browser. …
  5. Update your operating system. …
  6. Update your apps. …
  7. Manage your passwords. …
  8. Help protect your password from hackers.

How do I protect my FIFA account?

NEVER share your login information publicly. NEVER click links asking for login information or claiming your account has been compromised. ALWAYS double check the sign-in web address starts with: ALWAYS make sure the web address does not redirect to a non-EA site.

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Why did I get an EA security code?

The whole purpose of the Login Verification codes is to keep your account secure. You get a code everytime you try to access your account. If you are getting them randomly, there is a chance someone might be trying to login to your account and you are getting the codes required.

Where do I find my EA backup code?

You can view and renew these codes from the My Account: Security page.

  • From EA Help, click Accounts, then Account Security.
  • If you need to, log in to your EA Account to open the My Account: Security page.
  • Click View next to Backup Codes.
  • You will see a list of backup codes. Keep this list in a safe, accessible place.

How do I change my EA account on ps4?

Re: How to change ea account on ps4

  1. Go to
  2. Fill in the requested information in the text fields.
  3. Make sure the email you provide is one you have access to, we will be communicating with you here.