Your question: How do I enable write protection on a drive?

How do I set up write protection?

Write-protection hardware switch.

You may need to have administrator privileges on the computer to change permissions.

  1. Open My Computer or File Explorer.
  2. Find the USB flash drive in the list of drives connected to the computer.
  3. Right-click the flash drive icon and select Properties in the pop-up menu.

How enable USB read write in registry?

Enabling USB Write Protection Using the Registry

  1. Step 1: Use Windows key + R keyboard shortcut to open the RUN command.
  2. Step 2: Type regedit and click OK.
  3. Step 3: Go to the following path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControl.
  4. Step 4: Right-click the Control (folder) key, select New, and click Key.

How do I enable USB ports blocked by administrator?

Enable USB Ports via Device Manager

  1. Click the Start button and type “device manager” or “devmgmt. …
  2. Click “Universal Serial Bus controllers” to see a list of USB ports on the computer.
  3. Right-click each USB port, then click “Enable.” If this does not re-enable the USB ports, right-click each again and select “Uninstall.”

How do you unlock a flash drive?

Unlock a USB drive with the Command Prompt:

  1. Launch the Command prompt as Administrator, type the command Diskpart and press Enter.
  2. Type list disk and press Enter.
  3. Find the drive number corresponding to your flash drive. …
  4. Type attributes disk clear readonly and press Enter.
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How do I change my USB to read and write?

Navigate to the Security tab, in the middle of the Properties window; you’ll see ‘To change permissions, click Edit’. This is where you can change read/write permission on the target disk. So, click “Edit”, and the Security window immediately pops out.

How do I format a write protected flash drive?

Format write-protected USB

To do this, follow these steps: left-click This PC -> select your USB-drive and right-click on it. From the list, select and click Format. Wait for the process to be completed.

How do I remove write protection without administrator?

Edit the Registry in Windows 7 to Remove Write Protection

  1. Press Windows key+R.
  2. In the Run dialog box, enter regedit and press Enter.
  3. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SYSTEM > CurrentControlSet > Services.
  4. Select USBSTOR.
  5. Double-click Start.
  6. In the dialog box, enter 3.
  7. Close the Registry Editor.

How do I enable a flash drive on my computer?

Right-click on the Start button and click on Device Manger. 2. On Device Manager screen, expand the entry for Universal Serial BUS Controllers > right-click on the USB Drive and click on Enable.

How do I remove write protection from SanDisk?

Type Regedit in Windows search box to go Registry Editor. 3. Double click the WriteProtect, Change the value from 1 to 0 and click OK to save this change. Then exit the Registry Editor and restart your PC, insert your SanDisk USB/SD card/SSD again, you’ll find the SanDisk device is not write-protected anymore.