You asked: Which region of the US opposed protective tariffs?

Which region of the country was opposed to the tariff of 1816?

The South did not like the tariff because it made Southerners pay more for their goods.

Why was the South opposed to protective tariffs?

Southern states such as South Carolina contended that the tariff was unconstitutional and were opposed to the newer protectionist tariffs, as they would have to pay, but Northern states favored them because they helped strengthen their industrial-based economy.

Who opposed the tariff of 1816?

Daniel Webster, a great spokesman for New England interests, opposed the tariff measure. He did not want to see the nation’s industrial base broadened, fearing that New England’s commercial strength would be diluted.

Why did the North favor protective tariffs?

Why did Northern industrialists favor protective tariffs? Tariffs raised the cost of European goods so that more people would buy American goods. … White Southerners wanted the Native Americans’ valuable land.

Which groups supported and which groups opposed tariffs?

The north and the west supported the tariffs but the south opposed the tariffs. You just studied 20 terms!

What regions support tariffs?

Middle and Western states provided the bulk of support for the tariff. New England, with its mix of powerful mercantile interests and budding manufacturers, split evenly over the bill, while the South, lacking any real industrial base, voted solidly against it.

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What was the protective tariff of 1816?

The Tariff of 1816 was the first protective tariff implemented by the government. Its aim was to make American and foreign manufactured goods comparable in price and therefore persuade Americans to buy American products. America was a new nation, free from the yoke of the British in the Revolutionary War.