You asked: How much do armed security guards make in California?

What are the highest paying security guard jobs?

What are Top 5 Best Paying Related Security Guard Jobs in the U.S.

Job Title Annual Salary Hourly Wage
Head Of Security Guard $71,579 $34.41
Work From Home Northrop Grumman Security Guard $65,886 $31.68
Senior Security Guard $65,760 $31.62
Senior Guard $65,371 $31.43

Is being an armed guard worth it?

Some people are happy when they fulfill the requirements to become a security guard, that they do not continue their education. … Becoming an armed guard carries a few perks in the field of security. Guards that will continue their training so that they can carry a firearm will find it was worth the extra work.

Does armed security pay more?

An Armed Security Guard in your area makes on average $16 per hour, or $0.36 (2%) more than the national average hourly salary of $15.16. ranks number 1 out of 50 states nationwide for Armed Security Guard salaries.

What is a Level 4 security officer?

Security Officer Level 4

works individually or in a team environment under limited supervision which may not necessarily be at the site where the officer is posted; ii. assists in the provision of on-the-job training; iii.

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Do armed security guards use their own guns?

As an armed security guard, you may carry a variety of weapons; these include a handgun, such as a Colt 1911 or a Ruger-P series. You may also carry various non-lethal weapons, such as a baton, stun gun or taser, and pepper spray.

How much do armed guards make in Los Angeles?

How much does an Armed Security Guard make in Los Angeles, CA? The average Armed Security Guard salary in Los Angeles, CA is $38,519 as of September 27, 2021, but the salary range typically falls between $34,651 and $42,876.

Can you make a living as a security guard?

You might start out as an unarmed guard working late nights making $10.00 an hour and slowly work your way to a position as an armed security guard transporting prisoners for a government agency where you might make $20.00 or even $30.00 an hour.

How much do armed security get paid?

Armed Security Officer Salaries

Job Title Salary
KFC Armed Security Officer salaries – 1 salaries reported $18/hr
Chubb Armed Security Officer salaries – 1 salaries reported $75,000/yr
City of Melbourne (PSO) Armed Security Officer salaries – 1 salaries reported $30/hr

What state pays the most for armed security?

1. Massachusetts

Total Armed Guard Jobs: 838
Average Annual Salary: $42,568
Lowest 10 Percent Earn: $29,000
Highest 10 Percent Earn: $61,000

How much do armed bodyguards cost?

The national average cost for bodyguard protection is $20 to 30 per hour. However, a bodyguard can cost anywhere from $75 per hour for one guard at a one-day private event to $150 per hour for executive protection that may require bodyguards on-site 24/7.

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