Who gets Z plus security in India?

Can anyone buy Z+ security?

Who can get a Z+ Security in India? … This security is given to the people who have a threat to their life. When the threat is confirmed, a committee comprising the Home Secretary, Director-General, and the Chief Secretary in the state decides which category of security is to be given to that person.

Which security is given to Modi?

The Special Protection Group (SPG) is an Armed Force of the Union whose sole objective is providing proximate security to the Prime Minister of India. It was formed in 1988 by an Act of the Parliament of India.

Can IAS get Z security?

It can be classified based on strength of security. They are Z+ category – provided by 36 personnel, Z category – provided by 22 personnel, Y category – provided by 11 personnel, X category – 2 personnel.

Does Ambani have z security?

The richest Indian citizen Mukesh Ambani and his family members are protected by a Z+ security cover, which was upgraded from the Z category after a threat perception review by the Union Home Ministry in 2013.

What is the salary of SPG commando?

Average Special Protection Group Security Officer salary in India is ₹ 11.1 Lakhs for employees with experience between 8 years to 24 years. Security Officer salary at Special Protection Group ranges between ₹ 8 Lakhs to ₹ 15 Lakhs.

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Who protects the Prime Minister?

The Specialist Protection Branch of the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) Protection Command provides armed protection for the current British Prime Minister, along with former Prime Ministers. SO1 Protection Officers also provide close protection for Ambassadors and other VIPs believed to be under a specific threat.