Who can join the Coast Guard Auxiliary?

How do you become a Coast Guard Auxiliary?

Be prepared to:

  1. interview with FSO-HR and FC and submit formal application.
  2. undergo a Personal Security Background Check, with fingerprints.
  3. learn about history of USCG AUX and our chain of leadership.
  4. take short exam on history and leadership.
  5. find out what opportunities there are for you in the Auxiliary.

Is the Coast Guard Auxiliary worth it?

HIGHLY REWARDING. For starters, the Auxiliary is extremely rewarding. I love sharing my boating knowledge and skills as well as helping others who are in need. Whether through a boating safety class, vessel safety exam, or an active search and rescue operation, this organization is hard to beat.

How long is Coast Guard Auxiliary training?

US Coast Guard Auxiliary Courses

Both classes generally last 13 weeks and cover legal requirements, rules of the road, aids to navigation marlinspike seamanship, charts and compasses and boat handling.

Does Coast Guard Auxiliary count as military service?

The Responsibility of the Auxiliary

The Coast Guard is a military service and is a component of the U.S. Armed Forces. The Coast Guard Auxiliary is a component of Coast Guard Forces like the active duty, Reserve, and civilian components.

What can you do in the Coast Guard Auxiliary?

The Auxiliary operates in:

  • Safety and Security Patrols.
  • Search and Rescue.
  • Mass Casualty or Disasters.
  • Pollution Response & Patrols.
  • Homeland Security.
  • Recreational Boating Safety.
  • Commercial Fishing and Vessel Exams.
  • Platforms for Boarding Parties.
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Are Coast Guard Auxiliary considered veterans?

In order for a person to be considered a “veteran” for VA benefits purposes, he must have served in the active military, naval or air service, meaning, he must have had active duty service. … Service in the Coast Guard Auxiliary is not recognized as active duty.

Is Coast Guard Auxiliary First Responder?

AUXEMS is not a “medical team”, “emergency medical services provider”, or a “first responder organization.” AUXEMS is a support organization for members of the Auxiliary who wish to participate individually in existing authorized EMS augmentation roles.

Does the Coast Guard Auxiliary deploy?

Congress created the Auxiliary in 1939 to allow use of trained volunteers to improve Coast Guard recreational boating safety programs. Auxiliary “Volunteers” deployed with their personal boats and yachts to do that mission.