Which of the body cavities is least protected?

Which organs are protected by each cavity?

Humans have four body cavities: (1) the dorsal body cavity that encloses the brain and spinal cord; (2) the thoracic cavity that encloses the heart and lungs; (3) the abdominal cavity that encloses most of the digestive organs and kidneys; and (4) the pelvic cavity that encloses the bladder and reproductive organs.

What are the 4 true body cavities?

Anatomical terminology for body cavities: Humans have multiple body cavities, including the cranial cavity, the vertebral cavity, the thoracic cavity (containing the pericardial cavity and the pleural cavity), the abdominal cavity, and the pelvic cavity.

What are body cavities quizlet?

a space in the body of an organism in which organs are protected. Usually blank have some kind of protection around them, such as bones, which make it possible to protect and cushion the organs.

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