What professionals are involved in safeguarding children?

What professionals are involved in safeguarding?

A wide range of health professionals have a critical role to play in safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children including: GPs, primary care practitioners, paediatricians, nurses, health visitors, midwives, school nurses, those working in maternity, child and adolescent mental health, allied health …

What is the health professionals role in safeguarding children?

Their role is to advise on strategic planning, commissioning and hold health organisations in their area to account for the quality of the safeguarding services, ensuring that they are meeting the safeguarding responsibilities. They also provide advice for monitoring contracts and commissioned services.

What professionals are involved in child protection?

It is likely to include the parents or carers, the social worker, a teacher from school or a nursery nurse, a health visitor or school nurse and any other professional who is in regular contact with your family.

What is a named doctor for safeguarding?

In exceptional circumstances where the organisation has no children’s services, the Named doctor should be a practising clinician, who has status within the organisation, have evidenced safeguarding/child protection training to level 3, and who has regular supervision from the Designated Doctor for the area.

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Why do HSC services have a role in safeguarding?

Safeguarding is so fundamental in health and social care because it is the core of everything that is done in these fields. It’s vital to ensure that some of Britain’s most vulnerable people are kept safe and secure, as they are particularly susceptible to harm, abuse and neglect.

What is the role of the CQC in safeguarding individuals?

Our role is to monitor, inspect and regulate services to make sure they meet the fundamental standards of quality and safety. For safeguarding, we will do this by: Checking that care providers have effective systems and processes to help keep children and adults safe from abuse and neglect.

What is the police role in safeguarding?

The police have a key role in safeguarding children as part of their role in preventing and investigating crime. … The police often hold important information about children who may be suffering, or likely to suffer significant harm, as well as those who cause such harm.

What is the role of health services in safeguarding?

Health services have a duty to safeguard all patients but provide additional measures for patients who are less able to protect themselves from harm or abuse. ‘Safeguarding adults’ covers a spectrum of activity from prevention through to multi agency responses where harm and abuse occurs.

What is the role of health visitors in safeguarding?

Health visitors’ work mainly with families with under 5’s and their role involves assessing children’s developmental needs, their family and home situation and supporting parenting skills They are able to provide a range of practical help and advice to promote positive health and prevent illness and can advise on

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Who is responsible for the safeguarding of children?

Everyone who works with children has a responsibility for keeping them safe. They must know how to report concerns about physical, emotional or sexual abuse; neglect; trafficking or exploitation so that those concerns can be addressed quickly and appropriately.

Who is responsible for safeguarding in an Organisation or workplace?

Employees working closely with young or vulnerable learners should be alert to the possibilities of harm in or out of the workplace It Is the duty of staff to INFORM not to investigate or offer advice, this is the role of the Designated Safeguarding Person, who will decide whether to involve a third party such as the …