What means child in need of care and protection?

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What is meant by child in need of care and protection?

(14) “child in need of care and protection” means a child— (i) who is found without any home or settled place of abode and without any ostensible. means of subsistence; or. (ii) who is found working in contravention of labour laws for the time being in force or is. found begging, or living on the street; or.

What does child in need of protection mean?

A child is in need of protection where the life, health or emotional well-being of the child is endangered by the act or omission of a person. Without restricting that definition, a child is in need of protection [in the following circumstances]: … In danger of abuse, including harm or injury due to child pornography.

Who can produce a child in need of care and protection?

(1) The State Government may establish and maintain either by itself or in association with the voluntary organisations, children’s homes, in every district or group of districts, as the case may be, for the reception of child in need of care and protection during the pendency of any inquiry and subsequently for their …

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What is the main purpose of the child Care and Protection Act?

An Act to Provide for the care and protection of children and young persons and for connected matters.

What is care and protection?

Families, communities and government working together for the safety and wellbeing of children, young people and their families. … It aimed to improve the way government and community agencies worked together to respond to child abuse and neglect.

Why is child protection so important?

When safeguarding a child you:

Protect them from abuse, maltreatment and exploitation. Prevent anything from harming their health or development. Ensure they can grow up under safe and effective care. Take action to ensure they have the best outcomes in life.

Who is responsible for child protection?

Protecting children from violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation is everybody’s responsibility. Families, communities, governments and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) together play a vital role in realising children’s rights to protection.

Who can present the child in need of care and protection before the Child Welfare Committee?

Description: (1) Any child in need of care and protection may be produced before the Committee by any of the following persons, namely:— (i) any police officer or special juvenile police unit or a designated Child Welfare Police Officer or any officer of District Child Protection Unit or inspector appointed under any

What is the need for child welfare?

Child welfare workers can help ensure that children and families receive the services and supports they need, including access to early intervention, special education, mental and behavioral health, and prevention services.

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