What is the use of L guard?

Where do you wear L guard?

Place the guard directly over the vulnerable genital area. Being a convex, the curved face should be facing away from the body. Hold the guard in place by a pair of compression pants or a jockstrap.

Do female cricketers wear L guard?

Yes, women cricketers do wear abdomen guard while batting, wicketkeeping or while close in fielding. Because, like men, women’s delicate parts need protection too. … The female version has a kit with box, cup and abdomen guard.

What is the price of L guard?

Plastic L Guard, For Cricket, Size: Medium, Rs 14 /piece Manik Sports | ID: 21827533333.

What is L guard full form?

Answer: L guard which is also known as abdominal guard or box. I think L stands for lower or low not for any inappropriate hindi word. Because it is given in wikipedia also that means abdominal guard is also known as L guard in other nation.

Do cricketers wear jockstraps?

A jockstrap is an undergarment worn by cricket athletes to protect the male genitalia. It is also known as a cup, supporter, athletic supporter, a jock or a strap.

Oldest Cricket Teams.

# Team Age
2. Hellingly 263 years
3. Marylebone 234 years
4. Uxbridge 232 years
5. Cambridge Cricket 201 years

Do cricketers wear chest guards?

Most cricketers don’t use a chest protector because they don’t stay in place, are heavy or bulky in shape, too tight or too stiff. They are hot, uncomfortable and counterproductive to wear.

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