What is the technology used in guard tour patrol system?

What is the guard tour device used for?

A guard tour system is a tool that is used to track and log the tours of employees in a variety of applications, such as security guards patrolling property, correction officers checking prisoner living quarters, technicians monitoring climate-controlled environments, and maintenance personnel.

How does guard tour system work?

A guard tour system is a system used to help companies and organizations organize, log, and execute guard tours and patrols in their assets ensuring that the officers will accomplish their tasks within the predefined time intervals. This helps prevent “Laziness”, and makes sure your guard on duty.

What is guard technology?

The newest waves of security guard technology aren’t robot security guards, it’s apps for handheld devices that allow guards to better track incidents, patrol routes, and so much more. The newest innovation in the security industry is handheld, putting the power of reporting, tracking, and compliance in guards’ hands.

What is watchman tour system?

Watchman’s Clock System. The “watchman’s clock” is the oldest type of guard tour system in use and has been around since the middle of the 19th Century. The watchman’s clock is a circular device about eight-inches in diameter and has an analog clock face on the front of it.

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How does a clocking device work?

Every time an employee clocks in, the biometric device verifies their identity by scanning the pattern in real-time and checking it against the available data records to find a match.

Who invented patrol system?

The Patrol System was published by the General Council Boy Scouts of Canada in 1960 and is available in PDF format here (do make sure to check out The Dump). The principles of the Patrol System were first introduced by the Founder, Baden-Powell, when he was with the British Army in India.

What is watchman clock?

: a telltale clock for watchmen especially : one in which a single clock contains the apparatus for recording the times of visiting several stations.

What is a proxy guard?

ProxiGuard at a glance

Receive SOS alerts and take immediate action. Get e-mail notifications for missed, early or late passed checkpoints. Send incidents reports to your clients or to the Monitoring Center. Manage patrols remotely in real-time. Verify guard tours online and check missed patrols.

What is guard protection?

Some common synonyms of guard are defend, protect, safeguard, and shield. While all these words mean “to keep secure from danger or against attack,” guard implies protecting with vigilance and force against expected danger.

What are security gadgets?

Security gadgets are typically devices used for home or personal privacy and security. Cameras are among the most popular and varied of gadgets designed for security. … Microphones and similar listening devices are also popular security gadgets.

What are the technical devices and equipment used for security operational duties?


  • Clothing: Security Guard Clothing is one of the most important things a Security Guard must have and it consists of the following (subcategories):
  • Flashlight. …
  • Defense equipment. …
  • Digital Camera. …
  • Notepad and Pen. …
  • Two-way radio. …
  • Mobile Phone. …
  • Belt.
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What weapons do security guards use?

As an armed security guard, you may carry a variety of weapons; these include a handgun, such as a Colt 1911 or a Ruger-P series. You may also carry various non-lethal weapons, such as a baton, stun gun or taser, and pepper spray.