What is the best protection against injury in a collision?

What are comfort devices in a car?

Safety, communication, comfort and convenience devices – Devices in the vehicle used for the safety, comfort and convenience of the driver and to communicate with other roadway users.

What are the safety communication and comfort devices on a vehicle?

How do you use the safety, communication, and comfort devices on a vehicle? Always wear safety belts. Look in the blind spots. Know when to use horn.

What offers the best protection in frontal crashes?

A bigger, heavier vehicle provides better crash protection than a smaller, lighter one, assuming no other differences. The longer distance from the front of vehicle to the occupant compartment in larger vehicles offers better protection in frontal crashes.

What features help protect you and your passengers from injury in the event of a collision?

Airbags. According to DMV.org, airbags can save lives and prevent injuries in the event of a collision. The efficacy of airbags depends on the speed and nature of the crash, but they typically help drivers and passengers avoid hitting their heads on the dashboard, steering wheel or seat backs.

What is the best way to control consequences if you Cannot avoid a collision?

The best way to control consequences If you cannot avoid a collision is to: Control, brake, steer to collide at an angle with an object.

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How can I make driving less scary?

Scared of Driving? 7 Tips That Can Help!

  1. Hire a Driving Instructor. …
  2. Take One Step at a Time With Exposure Therapy. …
  3. Try Simple Meditation. …
  4. Use Positive Affirmations to Get You Through Crisis Moments. …
  5. Consider Hypnosis as a Potential Anxiety Buster. …
  6. Just Go Do it Until it Feels Okay.