What is a serious case review in safeguarding?

What is the main purpose of a serious case review?

A serious case review (SCR) in England is held after a child or vulnerable adult dies or is seriously injured under circumstances where abuse or neglect are thought to have been involved. Its purpose is to learn lessons to help prevent future similar incidents.

Who are serious case reviews considered by?

Purpose of a Serious Case Review (SCR)

The Safeguarding Children Board has established a PCR Panel (henceforth, the SCR Panel) to review cases and identify lessons to improve inter-agency working and better protect and safeguard children.

What is the outcome of a serious case review?

The Serious Case Review (SCR) analysis is transparent and rigorous. It evaluates and explains professional practice in the case, shedding light on routine challenges and constraints to practitioner efforts to safeguard children.

How do serious case reviews inform practice?

How does serious case reviews inform practice?

  • establish the full circumstances of the death/serious harm of the child.
  • examine and assess the role of all relevant services.
  • explore any key practice issues and why they might have arisen.
  • establish whether there are lessons to be learned or good practice to be shared.
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What is the difference between a serious case review and a public inquiry?

A serious case review takes place when a child dies and abuse or neglect is suspected. … A public inquiry for example The Colwell Report (1974), The Climbé inquiry (2003) is a inquiry ordered by the government to review events, in this case child deaths.

What does case review mean?

Case Review means a full review and analysis of an event related to a single patient’s experience in the Medical Center and may also mean a review of multiple patient cases involving a single procedure, as the context requires.

When should a safeguarding review be carried out?

One of these duties is that the Safeguarding Adults Board must undertake a Safeguarding Adults Reviews (SAR) when an adult in its area dies as a result of abuse or neglect, whether known or suspected, and there is reasonable cause for concern about the way agencies worked together to safeguarding the individual (s44).

Where can I read serious case reviews?

Search the national case review repository, which contains over 1,500 serious case reviews from England, Scotland and Wales, and thematic analysis reports from all four nations dating back to 1945.

Who investigates the most serious child safeguarding cases?

At a national level, the Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel is responsible for: Identifying serious child safeguarding cases which raise issues that are complex or of national importance. Overseeing the review of these cases.

What is a child safeguarding practice review?

A Child Safeguarding Practice Review (previously known as a Serious Case Review (SCR)) is undertaken when a child dies or the child has been seriously harmed and there is cause for concern as to the way organisations worked together.

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Who is responsible for ensuring that a review of each death of a child is undertaken?

Child death review partners for the local authority area where a child who has died was normally resident are responsible for ensuring the death is reviewed. However, they may also choose to review the death of a child in their local area even if that child is not normally resident there.