What does it mean to protect a range in Google Sheets?

What does protect mean in Google Sheets?

Protect a sheet or range. If you don’t want people to change the content in a spreadsheet, you can protect it. This shouldn’t be used as a security measure. People can print, copy, paste, and import and export copies of a protected spreadsheet. Only share spreadsheets with people you trust.

What is the steps to protect range in Google Sheets?

In this case, since you want to protect a range of cells, select Range. In the field below it, click on the grid icon and select the range of cells that you want to protect in the sheet. Click Ok. Click on the ‘Set permissions’ button to specify who can edit this range.

What does define range mean in Google Sheets?

A range represents a single cell or a group of adjacent cells in your spreadsheet. Every time you work with data in a spreadsheet, you’re likely using one or more ranges.

How do I remove a protected range in Google Sheets?

Protect cells in Google Sheets

Select any of the protected ranges and edit the permissions, or delete the protection by clicking the trash bin icon.

How do I remove protection from Google Sheets?

(Optional) To unprotect cells in a protected sheet:

  1. Check the Except certain cells box.
  2. Click Select data range .
  3. In the spreadsheet, highlight the range you want to unprotect and click Ok.
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What does protecting a range mean?

Protected Ranges allows you to select a range of cells and choose which collaborators have permission to edit those cells, and which collaborators should only be able to view those cells.

Why can’t I protect a range in Google Sheets?

You must give another user permission to edit the whole spreadsheet before you can protect a range. For example, if you want someone to only be able to edit column B, you would need to first give them permission to edit the spreadsheet, and then follow the procedure below to protect all the other columns.

What is a range in a data set?

The range is the difference between the highest and lowest values within a set of numbers. To calculate range, subtract the smallest number from the largest number in the set. If a six-server rack includes 90 W, 98 W, 100 W, 102 W, 105 W and 110 W, the power consumption range is 110 W – 90 W = 20 W.