What are the Queen’s guards not allowed to do?

Are the Queens Guards allowed to hit you?

Guards are not to be touched

“You are allowed to get them away by shouting warnings at them. If they fail to move away or start to act aggressively we present our bayonets… to remind them that we can do more harm than them.

Are royal guards allowed to talk?

There are circumstances in which they are allowed to speak…

Guards “are allowed to get [people] away by shouting… warnings if they fail to move away or start to act aggressively,” the Reddit guard says.

Can you take pictures with royal guards?

You’re definitely welcome to have your picture taken with the Guards. They’re used to it and it won’t be an issue.

How much do the Queen’s guards get paid?

2. They can spend a total of 6 hours a day standing. After getting an acceptable score on the BARB test, a soldier is ready to join the Queen’s Guard. The salary for this job is paid based on a list defined by the British army, with values starting at £20,400 (or around $28,266).

Why do royal guards not move?

While on duty, Queen’s Guards are not supposed to move or respond to anything that the tourists may throw at them. However, the rules indicate that after being still for at least 10 minutes, they can march up and down the street in order to stretch their legs and avoid passing out.

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Why do Buckingham Palace guards faint?

The troops who will line the route of the royal procession and escort the royal couple, many of them Foot Guards who will be wearing sweltering scarlet coats and bearskin hats, have been given orders that they must “faint to attention” if the heat proves too much for them next Friday.