What are the layers that protect the kidney?

What are the three layers that stabilize the kidney?

The second layer is called the perirenal fat capsule, which helps anchor the kidneys in place. The third and innermost layer is the renal capsule. Internally, the kidney has three regions– an outer cortex, a medulla in the middle, and the renal pelvis in the region called the hilum of the kidney.

What are the 3 layers of the kidney What are their functions?

The cortex is the outer layer and contains the kidney’s filtering structures. The medulla is the middle layer. It drains the urine into tubes and empties into the renal pelvis. The renal pelvis is the inner layer that leads to the ureter.

What are kidneys protected by?

Each kidney is held in place by connective tissue, called renal fascia, and is surrounded by a thick layer of adipose tissue, called perirenal fat, which helps to protect it. A tough, fibrous, connective tissue renal capsule closely envelopes each kidney and provides support for the soft tissue that is inside.

What are the three protective layers around the kidney quizlet?

The layers of supportive tissue that surround each kidney are the fibrous capsule, the perirenal fat capsule, and the renal fascia.

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What is the outermost covering of the kidney called?

Renal capsule, thin membranous sheath that covers the outer surface of each kidney. The capsule is composed of tough fibres, chiefly collagen and elastin (fibrous proteins), that help to support the kidney mass and protect the vital tissue from injury.

What is the medulla in the kidney?

The mature renal medulla, the inner part of the kidney, consists of the medullary collecting ducts, loops of Henle, vasa recta and the interstitium. The unique spatial arrangement of these components is essential for the regulation of urine concentration and other specialized kidney functions.

What are the two layers of the kidney quizlet?

1. renal cortex- outer layer of tissue that has projections extending towards the center called renal columns. 2. renal medulla- inner layer of tissue divided into 6-10 renal pyramids.

Why is the renal medulla darker?

It is darker than its underlying renal medulla because it receives over 90% of the kidney blood supply. … The renal medulla appears striped, as it contains vertical nephron structures (tubules, collecting ducts). It consists of renal (medullary) pyramids separated by projections of the renal cortex (renal columns).

What are the three main regions of the kidney quizlet?

-internally, each kidney has 3 distinct regions that can be seen in a frontal section:

  • renal cortex.
  • renal medulla.
  • renal pelvis.

What is a renal fascia?

Listen to pronunciation. (REE-nul FA-shuh) A fibrous envelope of tissue that surrounds the kidney. Also called Gerota’s capsule and Gerota’s fascia.