Quick Answer: What is Seqrite antivirus?

Is Seqrite and Quick Heal same?

Seqrite is the Enterprise Security brand of Quick Heal Technologies Ltd. … A combination of intelligence, analysis of applications and state-of-the-art technology, Seqrite is designed to provide continuous and better protection for enterprise corporate customers.

What is Seqrite endpoint security client?

Seqrite Endpoint Security is a simple yet powerful platform to manage security and helps to enforce control over data, application, web access with a wide range of features such as Advanced Device Control, DLP, Asset Management, Application Control, etc. 1. 2 Multilayered Protection.

What is Seqrite safe banking?

The Safe Banking feature of Quick Heal v16. 00 ensures that your financial transactions on the Internet are safe from hackers and malware. … This security feature automatically takes all necessary steps required for secure online banking, shopping and other financial transactions on the Internet.

How do I disable Seqrite antivirus?

To disable backup feature for all Endpoints of Seqrite Endpoint Security 7.2 version:

  1. Login on to Seqrite Endpoint Security Web Console.
  2. Go to Clients > Manage policy > Select the policy for which Backup Feature has to be disabled.
  3. Go to General Settings > Remove Check-mark from Enable ‘Backup data option’.
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How do I get rid of Seqrite?

Manual Client Removal Steps:

  1. 1.First log-in to Seqrite End Point Security console page.
  2. 2.Click on client status on the console page.
  3. 3.Find-out offline clients on the client status.
  4. 4.Select offline clients with check mark box and click on ‘Remove Client’ option.

How do I recover files from a Seqrite backup?

How to take backup and restore in Seqrite UTM

  1. Login to Seqrite UTM GUI.
  2. Navigate to System > Backup Restore. The Backup and Restore settings page is displayed.
  3. Click Create new backup.
  4. Add comments if any that are required.
  5. Select the option to send backup file over email if required. …
  6. Click Backup Now.

How do I access Seqrite console?

1) Open console web page link Manually by using Host Name Or IP address. 2) Copy this URL from address bar of IE & then Add this location to Seqrite EPS console IE shortcut properties target path. Note: Add this URL after Double inverted comma (“) Give space then paste. Click on Apply-> Ok.

How do I renew Seqrite endpoint security?

How to renew the Seqrite Endpoint Security License ?

  1. Login Seqrite Web Console.
  2. Click on ‘View License’
  3. Current License status will be displayed.
  4. Click ‘License Order form’.
  5. Select “Renew My license” and then “Place an Order”
  6. A new window will get opened, Fill up the details mentioned in the Order Form.

How do I update Seqrite endpoint security offline?

Seqrite Offline Product Updates

  1. Download the required updates for your Seqrite product.
  2. Save the downloaded file on your system.
  3. Run the executable file.
  4. Click the ‘Update Now’ button in the window that appears.
  5. Click ‘Finish’.
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How do I reset my Seqrite password?

How to reset the Seqrite Web Console login password ?

  1. On Seqrite Endpoint Security Server, Navigate to “%ProgramFiles%Endpoint Security 7.2Admin”
  2. Execute resetpwd.exe.
  3. Windows will notify below prompt to enter Administrator User Credentials to proceed further.