Question: What is a Ruger Security 6 357 worth?

Does Ruger still make the Security 6?

The Ruger Security-Six and its variants, the Service-Six and Speed-Six are a product line of double-action revolvers introduced in 1972 and manufactured until 1988 by Sturm, Ruger & Company.

Ruger Security-Six
No. built 1,240,000~1,500,000
Variants Service-Six Speed-Six
Mass 33.5 oz (4 inch barrel)

When did Ruger stop making the security Six?

With slightly more than 1.2 million guns produced, the Security-Six was discontinued in 1985. It was replaced one year later with Ruger’s GP100, while the Police Service-Six and the Speed-Six stayed in the line until 1988.

What replaced Ruger Security Six?

While Ruger’s Security Six line has been out of production since 1988, a total of over 1.5 million revolvers were produced and they remain well-liked and respected, as well as highly sought after in the second-hand market. The Ruger GP-100 replaced the Security Six in the Ruger product line.

What frame is a Ruger Speed Six?

The “Service Six”, also known as the “Police Service Six”, came with fixed sights, a square butt frame and were mostly cambered for the . 357 Magnum; however, some police departments fielded models with . 38 Special or 9mm Luger calibers.

What is a talo edition Ruger?

The 10/22 utilizes a blowback semi-auto action, with a threaded stainless-steel barrel, compatible with the Silent-SR™ suppressor. … The Ruger 10/22 Tactical Talo is a deluxe model of the famous 10/22 Carbine, well suited for adults serious about tactical shooting with a semi-auto rimfire rifle. Made in USA.

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What is a Ruger 45 revolver?

Ruger® Redhawk® Double-Action Revolver in . 45 Colt/. 45 ACP provides tremendous versatility by allowing the use of wide variety of ammunition in one sidearm. Users can shoot . … 45 ACP rounds headspace with full-moon clips (includes 3), which also aid in rapid loading and unloading.

What year did Colt stop making the python?

It was discontinued by 1990 and briefly offered as a “Custom Shop” model afterward. A Python Target model was made for several years in .