Question: How can I make my old windows more secure?

How do you protect windows from burglars?

How to Secure Your Windows from Burglars

  1. Lock windows. The first and easiest step is to make sure that your windows are closed and locked whenever you leave your home. …
  2. Reinforce glass. …
  3. Install window security bars or grills. …
  4. Install window alarms. …
  5. Secure air conditioners.

How do I add extra security to windows?

Now save your time and try the top 7 DIY and useful ways to prevent break-ins through windows for your apartment.

  1. Keep Your Windows Locked.
  2. Use Window Bars & Grilles.
  3. Install Window Security Cameras.
  4. Reinforce Your Window Glass.
  5. Use Good-Quality Window Locks.
  6. Consider Bright Floodlights.
  7. Plant Thorny Bushes.

How can I improve my window locks?

Window security pins, window locks, security bars and security glass are just a few ways you can improve the security of your windows.

  1. Inspect windows, inside and out. …
  2. Get window locks. …
  3. Add window security pins.
  4. Use security bars.
  5. Install protective covering. …
  6. Upgrade windows.
  7. Hire a security specialist.

How do you secure an old double hung window?

Drilling and “pinning” is an inexpensive and effective way to secure double-hung windows. To pin your double-hung windows, you’ll need a drill and some nails, rods, bolts or other pinning material. All ground floor windows should be pinned. The exception would be if there are small children in the home.

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What really puts burglars off?

1. Home Security Cameras. Our best deterrent for burglars is the presence of an outdoor security camera. Having cameras mounted around your exterior home is a great way to prevent burglars from entering your home!

How do I keep windows open secure?

How to Leave Windows Open Safely at Night

  1. Use Door. and Window Sensors—but disable them when you want some fresh air. …
  2. Use two. magnets to arm open and closed windows. …
  3. Install motion sensors for first-floor window security. …
  4. Tips.

How do you scare burglars away?

Installing motion detector lights is a great way to scare off anyone trying to enter your home at night. A motion detector light not only makes the person visible to you and others, but also lets a burglar know that you are monitoring your home.

How do I secure my ground floor windows?

You can buy window locks that you can only open with a key or easy locks that slide directly onto your window. Another great option is a pin lock for ground floor windows and sliding glass doors. Sensors. Window sensors will alert you if someone has opened the window.

Can I use plexiglass for windows?

Plexiglass is a great material to replace your glass windows. Given the strength of plexiglass, windows made out of this material are more resilient and durable. They are also a more cost-effective alternative.