How high should Muay Thai shin guards go?

How high should shin guards go?

You’ll want your shin guards to cover most of the area between your ankle and knee. Shin guards should fit snugly and be at least 2″ below the knee.

Should you wear shin guards in Muay Thai?

Using shin guards mean that you can practise kicks fairly hard whilst both you and your opponent feel much less of the blow. Most gyms won’t allow you to spar without shin guards. … When you’re training Muay Thai you’ll want to look for ‘striking’ style shin guards and avoid grappling shin guards.

How do you know if your shin guards fit?

Shin guards should fit from just above the bend of your ankle when you flex your foot to a couple of inches below the knee.

Should you train with shin guards?

You have to wear them in the game, so why not wear them in practice and get used to playing with them. … Shin guards are constricting at sometimes, although it beats seriously injuring your shin and missing out on a game if you don’t have them on.

How do you measure shin length?

To determine your size, measure the length of the shin when your leg is bent at a 90 degree angle from the center of the knee cap to the top of the boot of the skate. A proper fit enables the knee to sit directly in the center of the kneecap.

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How do you measure shin guards for shins?

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  1. Wear shorts and bring your soccer socks and shoes with you to choose your soccer shin guards.
  2. Sit down in a comfortable chair and put on your soccer shoes.
  3. Measure your shin from just below where the knee joint bends to 1 inch above the top of your shoe.

What size MMA shin guards do I need?

However, as a general guide, if you’re a smaller fighter (Under 5’8) you can use a medium sized shin guard, large is for an average size range (roughly 5’8 to 6’0) and extra large for heavyweights. REMEMBER that the sizing varies depending on the length of your shin.

How do you measure shin and instep?

How to Buy Martial Arts Shin Guards

  1. Measure both shins with a flexible measuring tape beginning just under your knee and ending at the bend of the ankle.
  2. Compare your measurements with the size chart of the brand of shin guard you want.

How do you clean Muay Thai shin guards?

Clean Right After Training

Make this a habit: as soon as your training ends, use a towel to give the exterior shell a wipe as sweat can cause stains on the leather. For sanitizing purpose, use disinfectant wipes to give the entire shin guard a good wipe down all over.