Frequent question: How much does it cost to put your dog through protection training?

How much does it cost to train a protection dog?

In the end to produce a dog in 20 to 24 months who meets the criteria we set the client will spend $22,000 to $25,000 on average.


Name Archie
Breed Belgian Malinois
Fully Trained Protection Dog Yes
Price $45,000
More Details

Can I train my dog to be a protection dog?

Though most dogs can be trained to be guard dogs, certain dog breeds are known to make good guard dogs. … If you have a pure-bred dog that is not a typical guard dog breed, or if you have a mutt, it is still possible for you to train him to be an excellent guard dog.

How long does it take to train a protection dog?

Training a dog for reliable protection does not happen in a few weeks or even a few months. Once we purchase a dog, depending on the dog and the level of training, it takes months of training to become a reliable protector. Our dogs begin their training as puppies.

Can you buy a trained protection dog?

Personal protection dogs have received special training and are either sold by the organizations who trained them or by law enforcement agencies. In some cases, personal protection police dogs, also known as K-9s, are sold after they are no longer needed to help serve a particular law enforcement agency.

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Are protection dogs worth it?

A good protection dog will cost you between 15,000–40,000 on average. If you don’t have that kind of hard cash, consider pulling out a loan. Having a protection dog is an investment in your safety and security, and can make all the difference in a life or death situation.

Are personal protection dogs legal?

Penal Code 399.5 PC – Are attack dogs illegal in California? Penal Code 399.5 is the California statute that makes it a crime for a person to own a dog that is trained to fight, attack or kill, provided that he knows the dog is dangerous and: the dog bites a person, on two separate occasions or more, or.

At what age do dogs start protecting?

Assuming that the prey development has been done sufficiently and correctly, formal protection training can begin around 10 months of age or so, depending upon the dog.

How do you buy a fully trained dog?

Call local breeders in your area to find out what options are available to you. Consult with animal rescue organizations. Some rescue organizations will train their dogs to help find them new homes. Contact rescue organizations in your area to see if they offer obedience training to their dogs.