Does McAfee encryption use TPM?

Does McAfee drive encryption use TPM?

Drive Encryption supports TPM 2.0 on Windows 8 and above UEFI systems for the TPM autoboot and cold-boot protection features.

How does McAfee drive encryption work?

McAfee Drive Encryption protects the data on a system by taking control of the hard disk or self-encrypting drive (Opal) from the operating system. When used with self-encrypting drives, Drive Encryption manages the disk authentication keys; with non-self-encrypting drives.

What encryption does McAfee use?

It uses asymmetric encryption, meaning it uses one key to encrypt the data, and uses another key at the recipient’s endpoint to decrypt it. AES-256 is a symmetric encryption standard that is frequently used to encrypt data in storage, such as on hard drives or USB sticks.

How do I enable pre boot authentication in McAfee drive encryption?

Log on to McAfee ePO and navigate to Menu → Policy → Policy Catalog, select Drive Encryption 7.2 from the Product drop-down menu, then select Product Settings from the Category drop-down list. Click the policy that you want to change. On the Log on tab, select Allow temporary automatic booting.

How do I decrypt McAfee drive encryption?

Decryption via console 5.1. 3

  1. Click Client Task Catalog.
  2. Expand McAfee Agent > Product Deployment.
  3. Click Actions > New Task.
  4. Choose Product Deployment.
  5. Type a name “Decrypt a Machine”
  6. Choose Windows for target platform.
  7. Next to products and components, select the McAfee Drive Encryption for Windows 7.1. 3.604.
  8. Click [+]
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How do I force McAfee drive encryption?


  1. Click Start, Run, type services. msc, and then click OK.
  2. Right-click each of the following services and select Restart: McAfee Framework Service. McAfee Drive Encryption Agent.
  3. Close the services window.
  4. In the system tray, launch the McAfee Agent Monitor.
  5. Click Enforce Policies. Disk encryption begins.

What is McAfee Drive encryption go?

McAfee® provides the Drive Encryption GO (DEGO) 7.2 utility for system administrators to determine which systems are compatible for installing and activating Drive Encryption. … The Drive Encryption system policy can be configured to prevent activation of encryption on client systems that fail DEGO testing.

Can McAfee encrypt files?

McAfee Endpoint Encryption for Files and Folders (EEFF) enables you to define and protect your data so that only certain users can access it. This data is stored, managed, archived, and distributed, and can be viewed only by authorized users.

What is SafeBoot encryption?

SafeBoot Encryption, also known as Endpoint Encryption after its acquisition by McAfee, is a comprehensive encryption program that offers disk-level encryption with powerful flexibility and automatic protection for mobile devices. … Encrypted data poses some challenge for professional data recovery engineers.