Can Mother of Runes give protection from colorless?

Can Mother of Runes protect from colorless?

Can my Mother of Runes give my creatures protection from artifacts/colorless? My guess is no, but I thought I’d try anyways. No. In Magic, the colors are White, Green, Red, Blue, and Black.

Can you give protection from colorless?

There is currently no way to grant ‘protection from colorless’ by any existing card as a note.

Can Mother of Runes protect herself?

She can block then give herself protection, as the targeting requirement for Mother of Runes is “target creature you control”. She can’t really give herself protection then block, because she’d be tapped.

Can you choose colorless as a color?

Colorless is not a color. See rule 105, “Colors,” and rule 202, “Mana Cost and Color.”

What does protection from a color mean in MTG?

A creature with protection from one or more colors of magic cannot be affected by any magic of those colors. For example, a creature with protection from blue cannot be blocked by blue creatures, dealt damage by blue creatures, or enchanted, damaged, or otherwise affected by blue cards.

Does protection remove equipment?

Nope. One part of protection is that objects of the quality can’t be attached to the object with protection. The Equipment will be unattached as a state-based action.

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Are artifacts colorless spells?

Most artifacts have no colored mana symbols in their mana costs, and are therefore colorless. However, there is no correlation between being colorless and being an artifact: artifacts may be colored, and colorless objects may be card types other than artifact.

Is colorless a color Magic?

The only colors in the Magic game are white, blue, black, red, and green. An object can be one or more of those colors or it can be colorless. “Colorless” isn’t a color; neither are “artifact,” “land,” “brown,” “gold,” and so on.

Is colorless non black MTG?

Stupid question, but if a spell has something to do with the amount of colours you used to cast said spell, would colourless count as a different colour. 105.2c A colorless object has no color.