Best answer: What is the main purpose of investors protection?

What do you mean by investor protection?

Investor Protection According to the SEBI Act, 1992 Investor protection is. ‘protecting the interest of the investors in securities and promoting the. development of and to regulate the securities market and for matters connected. therewith or incidental thereto.

What is the purpose of investors?

Investors rely on different financial instruments to earn a rate of return and accomplish important financial objectives like building retirement savings, funding a college education, or merely accumulating additional wealth over time.

Why do investors make investment?

Investment is done keeping a financial goal in mind. The investment objectives help generate income and grow over a certain period of time. Investment includes bonds, stocks, PPF amongst others, which helps in growing money and providing an additional source of income.

How does the government protect investors?


We protect investors by vigorously enforcing the federal securities laws to hold wrongdoers accountable and deter future misconduct. We provide investor education and resources through our Office of Investor Education and Advocacy.

What are the features of investor protection fund?

The Investors’ Protection Fund may provide compensation against a genuine and bonafide claim made by any client, who has either not received the securities bought from a trading member for which the payment has been made by such client to the trading member thereagainst or has not received the payment for the …

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How are investors protected by Sebi?

SEBI has taken various measures such as screen based trading system, dematerialization of securities, T+2 rolling settlement, and framed various regulations to regulate intermediaries, issue and trading of securities, corporate restructuring, etc. to protect the interests of investors in securities.

What are the main reasons for investing?

Top 10 Reasons to Invest

  • Protect Your Purchasing Power. …
  • Grow Your Capital. …
  • Achieve Your Financial Goals. …
  • Earn More Than From a Savings Account. …
  • Diversify Your Income. …
  • Save for Retirement. …
  • Lower Taxable Income. …
  • Help Others Achieve Their Goals.

What is an investor’s primary goal?

The primary objective of the high-risk income investor is to generate the highest possible income without losing any principal. Although many income investments are considered lower-risk, there are a number of high-risk income options, including high-yield bonds.

What is the purpose or objective of investing?

Safety, income, and capital gains are the big three objectives of investing. But there are others that should be kept in mind when they choose investments. Tax Minimization: Some investors pursue tax minimization as a factor in their choices.