Best answer: What are the main features for protective footwear?

What is the function of protective footwear?

Safety, protective or occupational footwear is designed to protect feet against a wide variety of injuries. Impact, compression, and puncture are the most common mechanical types of foot injury.

What is the most important aspect of safety footwear?

Well-fitting safety footwear will cushion and support the arch of the foot, which means that both your feet and ankles are fully supported – in turn, this ensures proper alignment of your leg, which will improve your overall posture. And of course, good posture can prevent and alleviate back pain.

What are 5 factors that need to be considered when the appropriate type of protective footwear?


  • Electric Shock.
  • Sharp objects that could penetrate any part of the foot.
  • Objects that might fall from above the foot.
  • Explosive or electrostatic discharge.
  • Exposure to water, heat or cold.
  • Exposure to welding spray, molten metal or corrosive liquids.

What are PPE shoes?

Personal Protective Equipment Foot and Leg Protection (Appendix C)

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Protection Source(s)
Electrical footwear Work on or near exposed energized electrical wiring or components. DO NOT use in areas that have potential flammable or explosive atmospheres.

What is the objective of PPE?

The purpose of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is to protect employees from exposure to work place hazards and the risk of injury. Before using or assigning PPE, steps should always be taken to eliminate or control hazards and work procedures should be in place to limit exposure to these hazards.

Why do we need foot protection?

Potential hazards which may lead to foot and leg injuries include falling or rolling objects, crushing or penetrating materials, hot, corrosive or poisonous substances, electrical hazards, static electricity, or slippery surfaces. … Safety-toed shoes or boots protect against falling, crushing or rolling hazards.

What is a characteristic of protective footwear with a yellow triangle on the outer side or tongue of the right shoe?

Yellow triangle indicates sole puncture protection with a Grade 2 protective toecap. For light industrial work environments requiring puncture protection as well as toe protection.

What are the most important considerations when choosing PPE for your hands?

What are the most important considerations when choosing PPE for your hands? PPE must be provided, used, and maintained when made necessary by the presence of hazards. PPE must be adequate. All PPE must be of safe design and construction.

What factors should employees consider when choosing footwear?

Safety Shoes—Selecting the Right Shoe for Your Workplace

  • SAFETY. Understand the specific hazards in your work environment. …
  • Buy what you need. …
  • Check your soles. …
  • Wick away the moisture. …
  • Stability is important. …
  • Completely cover your feet. …
  • Make sure you can wiggle your toes. …
  • Get the proper support.
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