Best answer: How long is a safeguarding course?

What happens on a safeguarding course?

A good safeguarding training course will cover aspects of safeguarding and child protection. This will give you a full overview of the processes and procedures necessary for ensuring a child is safe, and dealing with safeguarding incidents in the correct way as they arise.

Can you fail a safeguarding course?

Failing to take a safeguarding training course in roles that require you to have a knowledge of safeguarding can lead to serious legal consequences for you as an individual and for the reputation of the organisation you work for.

Can you do a safeguarding course online?

Learn anytime, anywhere with our online courses that help you build the skills, knowledge, and confidence to safeguard and protect children, young people, and adults.

What is Level 5 safeguarding training?

Course Description. An accredited two-day training course to provide managers with an understanding of their roles and responsibilities when managing staff who have a responsibility for safeguarding children. … Operational managers, including practice supervisors, front line and operational managers.

What are the different levels of safeguarding training?

What level of Safeguarding training do I need?

  • Level 1 courses available: Safeguarding Children Level 1, Safeguarding Adults Level 1, Safeguarding Everyone Level 1.
  • Level 2 courses available: Safeguarding Children Level 2, Safeguarding Adults Level 2, Safeguarding Everyone Level 2.
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What is Level 3 safeguarding?

This course is designed for people who work around children and need a strong knowledge of safeguarding. This course goes further into safeguarding procedure and the ways in which you should tackle suspected abuse to safeguard children from future harm.

Who needs safeguarding training?

Each person who works, or has direct contact, with children, young people, and/or their families and carers should take and pass a Standard Child Safeguarding Course.

What is covered in a safeguarding course?

Moving directly on from learning about which young people are at an increased risk of being vulnerable, safeguarding training also covers the tell-tale signs of abuse and neglect, enabling your staff to actively monitor the young people in your care, being consciously aware of their wellbeing.