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Russi Award

The John M. Russi Award is presented annually in recognition of outstanding service by a licensed Florida Security Officer. The Award is named after former Division of Licensing Director, John M. Russi, whose years of public service were exemplified by a continuous display of professionalism, integrity and courage. Director Russi's contributions toward the professionalism of Florida's Security Industry are widely recognized by all.

Recipients of the Russi Award will receive a $500.00 check and a plaque representing their distinction as a professional security officer. This award is presented at the December PIRSAC meeting each year.

We are calling for 2012 – 2013 nominations effective immediately. Nominations will be accepted through the close of business Friday, October 18, 2013. Nominations must be submitted to the FASCO Board of Directors in writing to include any pertinent details and supporting documents to be considered. Please send your nomination(s) to the address below and be sure to include the name and contact information for your agency:

Florida Association of Security Companies
13777 Belcher Road South
Largo, FL 33771

To view the current and past years' recipients, please click the links below:

2013 John Russi Award - Stephen Stone
2011 John Russi Award - Ryan Haase
2009 John Russi Award - Senator Carey Baker

2008 John Russi Award - Jason Frank
2007 John Russi Award - Eduardo Alaniz
2006 John Russi Award - Arlene Dale
2005 John Russi Award - Will Holcomb

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