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2011 Russi Award

CPO Ryan J. Haase, Recipient of The 2011 John Russi Award presented by FASCO

In the photo from left to right; Patricia Schmitt, CPP, Alan LaMarche, CPO Ryan Haase and Eddy Esquivel.

Ryan J. Haase

On July 19, 2011 CPO Haase was travelling southbound on 1-95 on his way to work when he observed a vehicle swerve off the highway, crash through a fence and fall into a nearby lake at approximately 2:45 p.m. CPO Haase immediately pulled his vehicle onto the shoulder and ran towards the scene of the accident where the other vehicle was taking on water in the lake.

Once on the scene, CPO Haase quickly assessed the situation and dove into the lake with little or no regard for his own safety in an effort to rescue the driver who was trapped inside of the sinking vehicle. CPO Haase attempted to open the vehicle doors, but was unsuccessful because the vehicle was already partially submerged. Fortunately, another motorist had stopped to assist and CPO Haase retrieved a hammer from this individual, which he used to smash the left rear window of the vehicle. CPO Haase then instructed the driver of the sinking vehicle to jump into the rear seat where he pulled her out to safety. Other than receiving a few minor scratches, the driver was not injured in the accident.

In recognition of CPO Haase's selfless act of bravery, he received the rare "Exceptional Valor Award" from G4S on August 31,2011.


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