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2007 Russi Award

LT. Eduardo Alaniz, Recipient of The 2007 John Russi Award presented by FASCO

Eduardo Alaniz

LT. Eduardo Alaniz of Elite Protection Services is the proud recipient of the 2007 Florida Association of Security Companies (FASCO) JOHN M. RUSSI AWARD, which is presented annually along with a $500.00 check in recognition of a licensed Florida Security Officer for outstanding service. The Award is named for former Division Of Licensing Director John M. Russi, whose years of public service were exemplified by a continuous display of professionalism, integrity and courage. Director Russi's contributions toward the professionalism of Florida's Security Industry are widely recognized by all.

Lt. Alaniz was selected from a large group of Licensed Florida Security Officer nominees whose employers submitted applications detailing their accomplishments. Since his arrival in the United States from war torn Nicaragua at a very young age, Lt. Alaniz overcame numerous challenges and graduated as a leader of his High School ROTC Class and football team.He served overseas in the US Marine Corps and returned to the States where he started his family and began his Security Career as a Gate Officer in Doral Isles with Elite Protection Services. He has received three promotions since 2004, because of his outstanding and dedicated service in protecting the Doral Isles Community. His keen supervisory abilities, observations and actions have been directly responsible for the apprehension of burglars, extinguishing fires, and recovering evidence and property that was returned to the owners. Lt. Alanis has risked his own life to protect the safety of others and, in doing so, he protected the lives and property of the community he so proudly protects.

Lt. Alanis, along with his family, accepted FASCO's John M.Russi Award on December 13, 2007 in Tampa during the quarterly PIRSAC Meeting.In the photo Left-to-Right Major Alan Lamarche, FASCO President; Patty Schmitt, FASCO Sec/Tres.; Eddie Silva, FASCO Officer; Lt. Eduardo Alanis, Award Recipient; Lenny Miller, VP Elite Protection Services and Drew Whitaker, FASCO Vice President

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