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2005 Russi Award

SSgt. Will Holcomb, Recipient of The 2005 John Russi Award presented by FASCO

SSgt. Will Holcomb has been selected as the recipient of the John M. Russi Award presented by Florida Association of Security Companies (FASCO) for his contribution to moving legislation which now enables qualified Florida G licensed security officers to carry a 9mm as approved by their agency.

At the December 8th State Security Advisory Committee (PIRSAC) meeting in Orlando , Holcomb made the following remarks.

“There is no other country in the world where an average Joe, like me or like you, can get a law changed like this. Like my Dad once said, don’t let not knowing how keep you from trying.

There are lots of people to thank. My mom for teaching me to read and buying that set of encyclopedias. My wife for allowing me to pursue this vocation. Officer Dressback at the Pinellas Police Academy for teaching me that good people follow good laws, and bad laws need to be changed. KC Poulin and Tim O’Rourke who helped me network with people like Patty Schmitt and Alan Lamarche. My Senator Dennis Jones who pointed me toward Senator Carey Baker and Representative Priscilla Taylor. Amy O’Rourke who helped me tune the message to the legislative ear. The hundreds of Florida Security Officers who wrote, and typed, and phoned the capitol. My daughter and son who helped with the awwwwwww factor at the committee hearing. And the St. Petersburg Times for not turning an officer safety issue into a gun issue.

But most of all, thank you to Alan Lamarche for the inside track on Tallahassee . That was the terminal guidance we needed for a direct hit. Without Alan, once this law passed, I would be without a cause. Alan kept us, as an industry and as citizens, pushing forward. The change in FSS 784 is as much his fight as changing FSS 493 was mine. Thank you Alan, and thank you to every security officer in Florida who refuses to be called a guard.”

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