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Regulatory Board Update

This past weekend Florida Cars held its annual conference where many issues were discussed about our joint interests under 493. During the conference, FASCO President KC Poulin and FALI President John Zurenda were there along with the Council of Presidents. KC Poulin and John Zurenda did a presentation focused on joint cooperation between FLACARS, FASCO and FALI and the proposed regulatory board model being studied for the future of 493. We are happy to announce that Florida Cars and its members have unanimously voted to support the effort and move forward on this issue. The next step is for the representatives of the Council of Presidents to attend the IASIR (International Association of Security and Investigative Regulators) conference in Portland Oregon on November 10-14. There they will meet with regulators from other states to discuss the feasibility of our efforts with those who already have working models under a regulatory board. Check the website for updates on what they have gained through this conference to enable us to move forward.

During the conference Florida Cars held their annual elections. Congratulations to Jamie Blackburn who was elected the new President and William Alvarez who is the newly elected Vice President!

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