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A Florida G License information request from FASCO

Over the past few years, FASCO has heard from agency owners and licensees with complaints, concerns, and ideas regarding issues affecting G Licensed security officers and investigators. Many of these frustrations regard what the law allows or doesn't allow, issues with inconsistent enforcement or ambiguous interpretations by the Division of Licensing, and concerns about how restrictions might affect our ability to provide safe and effective services. Last year we focused our efforts on getting clarification about the Division's position on a number of critical G license issues. For example, why are security officers not allow to arm themselves prior to leaving home and creating liability for their agency and the client by having to handle a weapon at the client location? In the case of a Bank security officer, should they not be armed prior to arriving at a Bank he/she is about to open with a bank employee? Many of these questions have been at issue for many years.

In preparation for 2011, FASCO is currently developing a strategy to continue this effort and resolve any unaddressed concerns. In order to maximize our effectiveness and prioritize issues that are most meaningful, we need to hear from you. We want to know what issues are of greatest concern to you about G license regulations, enforcement, and operational issues. Most of the questions stem from unclear definitions of Statute 493.6115 (3) which states:

No employee shall carry or be furnished a weapon or firearm unless the carrying of a weapon or firearm is required by her or his duties, nor shall an employee carry a weapon or firearm except in connection with those duties. When carried pursuant to this subsection, the weapon or firearm shall be encased in view at all times except as provided in subsection (4).

The security handbook addresses this section of the law by stating...

A Class "D" Security Officer who also possesses a Class "G" license may carry a firearm only when the duty assignment requires armed security and only while on the post of duty. Section 493.6115(3), F.S. [emphasis added]

Example: The same security officer, while serving on his usual armed post, may not wear his firearm when he leaves his assigned post for other than duty purposes, such as for lunch, or when traveling to or from home. During such non-duty periods, the firearm must be removed and secured. [emphasis added]

Are these explanations complete? Do we need to address of redefine the example in the handbook? How does this interpretation affect your agency and your officers' ability to be effective at providing services? In the end, what liabilities does this policy create for you, if any? Please send a list of your concerns to us at: puetzme@cisworldservices.org

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