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FASCO, FALI, FLACARS' recent meeting with Congressman Adam Putnam

On Monday, October 11, 2010, the Council of Presidents and their guests representing the Florida Association of Security Companies, The Florida Association of Licensed Investigators, and The Florida Association of Certified Asset Recovery Specialists hosted a private luncheon with US Congressman Adam Putnam. Congressman Putnam is currently running to become the Florida Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services. All three associations have endorsed Congressman Putnam for this Cabinet post.

At this meeting, a host of items were discussed about Cong. Putnam's campaign and his intentions with our industries, if and when he is elected Agriculture Commissioner. He clearly understands that as Commissioner he will have a responsibility to the industries governed by Chapter 493 and seems to understand the current structure of Chapter 493 under the Commissioner's office. Cong. Putnam was very straightforward and expressed his desire to reach out and work with our industries in order to improve our relationship with the Division of Licensing and his office. He talked about enhancing cooperation in order to shape regulation that can grow with our expanding industries and clearly understands that the industries need common sense regulations, and not necessarily more regulations.

The Council of Presidents and guests were very pleased at the level of interaction and the obvious care Adam Putnam displayed at this luncheon. He was inquisitive, involved, analytical to the issues discussed, and in the end listened to our concerns and ideas. He inquired about how the new health-care bill would impact our industries and expressed concern over the looming tax increases that we are facing in January 2011.

The importance of this meeting should be obvious to all licensees under Chapter 493. The person who is elected to the office of Commissioner of Agriculture on November 2nd will impact our industries for the next four years. The Council encourages licensees of all three professions under FASCO, FALI, and FLACARS to get involved through their associations and use their right to vote on November 2nd to elect Adam Putnam as our next Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services. If you would like to support Adam Putnam for Commissioner, we encourage to contact his campaign.

Adam Putnam for Commissioner of Agriculture
P.O. Box 547
Bartow, FL 33831

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