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Charles Bronson Leaving Office January, 2010

Dear Members,

As the elected head of the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, the Commissioner of Agriculture (Comm Ag) is responsible for regulation of the private security industry in Florida. In that capacity, he oversees the Division of Licensing, the agency that directly regulates us all.

In January, 2010 the current Comm Ag, Charles Bronson, will leave office. He is not seeking relection due to term limits. The campaigning by politicians seeking to replace Bronson will begin in 2009. It is imperative our industry be involved in the process to bolster our political clout in the regulatory process. We don't seek to control the process, just to assure we are heard in its administration. When the industry has concerns, they should be the concerns of the Comm Ag. That has not been the case in the recent past.

FASCO, FALI, and FLACARS ( the state repo organization) have agreed in concept to form a President's Council comprised of the presidents of the three associations. This group, which will become active in the near future, is intended be the unified voice of the professions regulated under Ch. 493, Florida statutes, which is all of us. The Council will have public meetings to seek input from members regarding issues of concern and to serve as a conduit of information to the association members.

A number of politicians will be running for Comm Ag and the Council intends to endorse one of them after a qualification interview process. The interviews will be held in a public environment and association members will be welcome to attend. After the process, and following input from members, a selection and endorsement will be announced, followed by a press release. The candidate selected by the Council will be the recipient of a fundraiser in central Florida, sometime in the summer. I will keep you advised as we plan further.

I am requesting agency owners to be alert to the campaign and to FASCO plans as they develop further. Also, please be thinking about making a financial contribution to our endorsed candidate. If agency owners will determine that they are able to make a contribution, no matter the amount, our objectives will move forward. The number of contributors is as important as the cumulative amount.

Over the last few years FASCO and FALI have become recognized entities in the legislative and regulatory process. With the establishment of the Presidents Council, an even more unified voice is created. Please do your part in helping us maintain that status.

Thank You.

Alan Lamarche

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