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Security Industry Supporter Needs Our Support

A strong supporter and an ally of the security industry, Marion Hammer, is asking us to help her raise money for the Woodland Hall Academy of Tallahassee. Woodland Academy is a private, coed and nonsectarian school, serving children with learning disabilities, such as ADHD, dyslexia, etc.

Marion Hammer, the current Executive Director of Unified Sportsmen of Florida and a former National Rifle Association (NRA) President, works as a registered lobbyist at the Florida Legislature and also works "pro bono for Woodland Hall Academy, which is a 501©(3) organization. Woodland Hall has been a pet project for Hammer since her grandson was diagnosed with severe dyslexia years ago.

Marion Hammer has always been there for the security, private investigative, and asset recovery industries and continues to work to protect our interests and to ensure the freedom of the citizens of Florida to keep and bear arms under the Second Amendment. It is because of her dedication and hard work that we (the industries regulated under FS 493) were able to keep a money-hungry legislature away from our trust fund monies, get 9mm's approved for duty and much much more.

We have often asked her for assistance and now she is asking that we help her raise funds for Woodland Hall Academy. The school is in desperate need of ten (10) new computers, a printer, and some related equipment for the student’s computer lab and new computer desks. The existing computers and desks are over eight years old, and we all know that in our rapidly changing world, eight years is light years behind today’s computer technology.

So, let’s all lend a hand to take care of the educational needs of these special children. Please send a donation in any amount, payable to Woodland Hall Academy. In the “For” line please put “Donation For Computer Lab.” Send all checks directly to Marion Hammer, P.O. Box 1676, Tallahassee, FL 32302—Marion would like to respond personally to each donation.. Remember that your donations are fully tax deductible.

Let’s show Florida that the security industry—and those businesses that utilize security services—are grateful to Marion Hammer for all that she has done for us by getting a donation off to her today.

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