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The 4th Annual Zero Tolerance Security Memorial Ceremony

Zero Tolerance Security Enforcement Agency , Zero Tolerance Security Enforcement Officers Memorial Benevolent Assc, Inc is pleased to announce our 4th annual Private Security / Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Ceremony. We began these ceremonies in 2005 to assist the Families, Children of Slain / fallen Officers as well as other Officers whom passed away due to illness and or other circumstances. Various Security, Police Agencies has always been on hand to show their sincere dedication and support for this cause. Both our Agency and Association above has provided direct support to families, children in their time of mourning, bereavement, needs due to such a loss. While we've made great strides in ensuring these families needs are met ..we also purchased, erected, and unveiled a memorial monument in 2007 for this cause.

  1. The Ceremony will be held on 27 Sept. 2008 at 1:00pm (Saturday) at Biscayne Gardens Civic Center located at 15000 North Miami Ave, North Miami , FL 33167.

  2. Private Security / Private Law Enforcement Officers as well as Agencies may wear their uniforms, Gloves, hats...organizational flags are welcome. (Casual dress is appropriate.)

  3. A delightful dinner will be served immediately following the ceremony. Gift bags will be given to the affected families and children of slain/fallen Officers. Several other related gifts will be given to the immediate family member in sincere appreciation, for their loved ones dedication and in support of our community as well as our Security / Law Enforcement Industry as a whole.

* Please note we are a 501c3 Organization and our tax exempt status is pending. If you have any questions please contact Shelby D. Goodman at 786-318-6311.

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