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Detain and Hold Legislation for the 2008 Session

We have laid a lot of ground work with the Legislature and our friends in Law Enforcement for this legislation that is so vital to our Industry in a post 9-11 world.

I know that there are many Security Companies who would opt, by policy, to prohibit their Officers from utilizing this authority. That is understandable.

There are many of us however, who lose contracts to off duty LEO's, who ourselves could compete if our Officers had this authority.

There are large utilities, factories, residential complexes, sports facilities and many industries involved with critical infrastructure that will benefit if the Licensed Security Industry can offer this service.

FASCO cannot afford to independently fight this battle without the financial support of the majority of our industry as well as the financial support of the benefactors of our services.

We need some of the major clients we serve to step forward and either make a one time payment to this effort or better yet, to join FASCO as a Corporate (non-security) Member for an annual fee of $400.

I am asking our Secretary-Treasurer, Patty Schmitt to distribute this message to all Security Industry members. Similarly, I am asking our Webmaster, Meredith Braswell, to prominently display this plea on our website where applications are available by clicking THIS LINK.

Most importantly, I am asking each of you to reach out to your clients and explain to them the security benefits they can expect if they will financially support this important Legislation.

Finally, please be sure that your FASCO Membership is current.

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