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Thanks to all of you FASCO members for helping make the 2006 Legislative Session another great victory for Florida's Licensed Security Officers. HB 85 became effective July 1, 2006 after being signed by Governor Bush. Sponsored in the House of Representatives by Rep. Priscilla Taylor and in the Senate by Senator Carey Baker, "The Security Officer Safety Bill of 2006" provides for "enhanced penalties" for anyone assaulting or battering a Florida Licensed Security Officer on duty and in uniform. This is the same level of protection extended to Law Enforcement Officers.

After successfully sheepherding HB 85 through all House Committees and all but one Senate committee, your President and our Lobbyist, Ben Poitevent, were approached by the Florida Sheriffs Association who wished to amend HB 85 to include protection through "enhanced penalties" for non-sworn DUI Technicians employed by the Sheriffs. Subsequently, FASCO and FSA joined forces, and the alliance proved to be the final boost needed to pass HB 85.

You will recall that during the 2005 Legislative Session, FASCO was successful in passing a Bill that modernized weapons for Licensed Security Officers who were trained and qualified to carry a 9mm.

FASCO already has 2 pieces of Legislation in the works for the 2007 Legislative Session:

  1. As a result of the 2005 hurricane season and the numerous extended power outages and unprecedented emergency responses by Private Security and Law Enforcement, the need became obvious for Security Agency Patrol and Response Vehicles to have unique flashing lights that could be distinguished (by responding Law Enforcement) from the dozens of various utility and service vehicles on scene during emergency situations. FASCO will be seeking legislation to reserve Emergency Lights consisting of 50% Amber & 50% Green for Security Vehicles owned by B-Licensed Security Agencies.

  2. Security Officers currently working in retail stores have the legal authority to stop and detain shoplifters until Law Enforcement arrives. FASCO hopes to extend this law to cover all Licensed Security Officers legally protecting life and property that may be threatened by trespassers or other criminals. As it currently stands, Security Officers protecting our hospitals, fuel storage facilities, residential complexes, power plants, farms, sporting events and other non-retail interests cannot legally detain an unwilling suspected trespasser, thief or vandal until Law Enforcement arrives. Successful passage of this law is essential to our Homeland Security Mission.

FASCO Members will be able to help us get our Bills through the Florida Legislature by following our progress on this website, responding to Legislative Alerts, and contacting various Committee Members or other specific Legislators when notified.

If you are not a FASCO Member and wish to help, the best way is to join and support FASCO. Being a member will allow you to keep up to date and notified of important matters affecting your industry in Florida, in addition to allowing you to represent and support the future of your industry.

You do not have to be a Security Agency owner to be a member of FASCO. An interest or involvement in the Private Security Industry is all that is required. Additional membership levels have been created to accommodate anyone who is interested in supporting the security industry.

All FASCO Directors are non-paid volunteers who are B Agency Owners or Employees. We donate our time to speaking with Legislators in Tallahassee, maintaining the FASCO website and traveling to Legislative hearings and Committee meetings across the State and Country in an effort to have our voices heard on important topics affecting our industry . We ask for your support by joining our Association and participating in the fight to professionalize Florida's Private Security Industry and improve the reputation of our Licensed Security Officers.

The minimal Agency Annual Dues all go toward funding:

  • The Annual John M. Russi Award (Plaque) presented to an Outstanding Licensed Security Officer (along with a $500 check) nominated by a member Agency

  • Funding and maintaining the FASCO website

  • Paying a Lobbyist when necessary

  • Miscellaneous office and administrative supplies

  • Maintaining our Industry Alert Communication System

Alan Lamarche, President

Message from the President

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