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President Lamarche steps down after 10 years of service to our industry!

Major Alan Lamarche, FASCO President for more than 10 years stepped down and nominated 1st VP KC Poulin to succeed him. While attending the first Annual FASCO Conference in Orlando on May 23, 2009, Alan announced that he hoped to spend more time teaching his grandsons how to fish, hunt, whittle and safely handle a BB gun. Alan agreed to accept the FASCO title of "Chairman of The Board", to serve as "Senior Advisor" and to assist with Legislative matters as needed. Alan stated that he was leaving the FASCO ship in the hands of an energetic, competent, dedicated leader whose mission in life was to enhance the professionalism of our industry. He added, "KC has donated the resources and time of his talented staff at CIS and S2 Institute to create a new FASCO Website http://www.fascofl.org, form a Presidents Council, and put together FASCO's first Annual Training Conference. KC is taking FASCO to the next level."

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