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A Personal Message from FASCO President, KC Poulin

I would like to first thank President Lamarche who has helped this industry grow and has sacrificed much for the betterment of this profession. We should all thank him for what he has done for all of us. He is truly a dedicated professional that is leaving us a better place and a lasting legacy that is much appreciated. Sir, I salute you!

As FASCO enters a new era, I will take a moment to reflect on your accomplishments of the last few years. FASCO has invested time, money, and energy to prevent the regional DOL offices from closing. Just recently FASCO teamed with the NRA, FALI, FLACARS and the Council of Presidents to successfully block the DOL trust fund from being raided for 6 million dollars of your license fees. We have not yet won the "war" because these budget fee "battles" for your dollars will continue in future Legislative Sessions. Be assured that FASCO will be on the front line fighting for your Industry. If you have not joined FASCO please do so now. If you are already a member and have not yet renewed your annual membership, then please renew your membership today. FASCO's Directors receive no compensation. We all donate our time, but we do have to pay a lobbyist in Tallahassee and there are occasional legal operating costs required of any organization to continue the fight that insures only limited, legitimate, government intrusions into your industry!

As the President of FASCO, I would also like to report to you that FASCO's first Joint Training Conference, held in conjunction with with The Florida Association of Licensed Investigators, went extremely well and was great fun for everyone. The FALI folks were a pleasure to work and socialize with and were very gracious in every way. We had twenty nine highly recognized professional educators and speakers from across the spectrum of the security and investigative industries. Areas of instruction filled the gamut of our industries, including security operations, basic business principles, business methodologies, surveillance operations, leadership and new equipment technologies. Conference attendees welcomed Senator Carey Baker, a candidate for the Office of Florida's Commissioner of Agriculture. Senator Baker made a presentation during our luncheon and answered questions from the audience.

One of the hot topics discussed during the conference was the creation of a Regulatory Board to replace the current Advisory Board (PIRSAC). PIRSAC can only advise the DOL; they cannot act on or enforce any part of Chapter 493. The majority of professions have Regulatory Boards where self regulation and enforcement actions are directed by industry peers that understand their businesses. David Minacci, Esq., offered the conference audience a brief overview of a proposed DOL Regulatory Board. The basic question being asked of the conference attendees was, "Do we want to regulate ourselves?" Mr. Manacci is experienced in regulatory boards, was very informative, and left most attendees wanting more information. As a result, we have put a position paper on the FASCO web site for your review and input. Please take the time to inform and educate yourself on this issue as it will likely determine how our industry evolves and how government will affect us in the future. (click here to read more)

In closing, I look forward to serving the industry and I am always available to discuss ideas and concerns about issues challenging our industry.

President, FASCO
President/CEO, Critical Intervention Services

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