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Trust Fund Saved!

Representing Associations Under Chapter 493, Florida Statutes

Date: May 29, 2009

From: Council of Presidents of Chapter 493

To: All Licensees Under Florida § 493

SUBJECT: Trust Fund Saved!

The Council of Presidents would like to thank ALL licensees under 493 and CW holders for participating in a successful campaign against the raid of our trust fund. Governor Crist has vetoed the theft of our monies and it is all due to the licensees and their supporters. Today, we have 6 million dollars back into our bank account because people took the time to tell government that this additional tax on our licenses was not acceptable. The Council represents all licensees who find common ground and want to have a united voice and we are proud to have been part of the effort to protect us all! A special thanks to Marion Hammer, President of Unified Sportsmen of Florida and Past President of the NRA who lead the fight with great effectiveness.

In closing, please be assured that the council is committed to focus on issues such as these and speak with one voice, from PIs to the security and recovery professions; we have common goals and pledge our support for each others industries, we will not waiver.

This message was unanimously approved for distribution by Council members.

Statement of Unity

We, the undersigned duly elected presidents of the professional associations representing licensees governed under Chapter 493, Florida Statutes, specifically representing The Florida Association of Security Companies, The Florida Association of Licensed Investigators and Florida Alliance of Certified Asset Recovery Specialists, come together in an effort of creating a spirit of cooperation. We pledge our support for each other in order to better our respective industries by creating a single voice for all licensees for the purpose of influencing political, regulatory and business practices that affect us all.

As of this day, let it be known that we have agreed to form a "Council of Presidents" comprised of the presidents of these associations collectively representing Chapter 493 licensees. This Council will have meetings to seek input from its members regarding issues of common concern and to serve as a conduit of information to the association members and government alike.

We intend to influence and shape the future of our industries within the state of Florida by crafting new initiatives to the challenges we face and by generating new resolutions that will lead us into the future. We do this in an effort to enhance a greater protection of the public, to craft a more responsible image of our professions and to establish a coordinated and unified evolution of Chapter 493 and the professions we represent.

By affixing our signatures hereto, on behalf of the associations we represent, we agree to work for a common purpose and to abide by the majority vote of the Council.

Alan Lamarche, Plantation Security
President, FASCO
KC Poulin, Critical Intervention Services
1st Vice President, FASCO
John Zurenda, Smart Choice Investigations
President, FALI
John Belich, Sr., Belich & Associates
Board Member, FALI
Brian Taylor, Chekmate International, Inc.
President, FLACARS
Jamie Blackburn, Advanced Recovery Florida
1st Vice President, FLACARS
Benjamin Poitevevent
Legal Advisor to the Council

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