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Message from the President

Dear FASCO Members:

Members of the Licensed Private Security Industry have more reason for optimism than ever before. Together, we are becoming united and focused in our goals and Mission under the FASCO Banner.

We will soon be having our first FASCO/FALI Education Conference in Orlando, a direct product of the hard work and contributions of FASCO VP K.C. Poulin and his staff. On top of that, during the last year, K.C. created a new FASCO Website and spearheaded, formulated and ratified the Chapter 493 Council of Presidents. The Council, being a unified group, will enhance the respect and influence of the 493 Industries and elevate the "attention level" of politicians and regulators as we enter any arena hand-in-hand.

First, the current Commissioner of Agriculture will be term limited out and a new Commissioner will be elected in 2010. We need a Commissioner who is sensitive to the needs of our Industries. The Council of Presidents plans to invite viable political candidates to participate in an interview process that could result in a possible endorsement and financial support for the candidate who is best for our Industries. Included in our new strategy will be to make maximum utilization of the 150,000+ votes of 493 members to elect Government Officials who will listen to and look out for our best interests.

I have served as your President for many years and will soon be stepping down to spend more time at my eldest grandson's baseball games and teaching my youngest ones how to fish, whittle, shoot, drive a boat and throw a cast net. I have the greatest confidence that as I serve my last year as President the FASCO ship will have new steady, stronger hands at the helm. When that time comes, I hope I will be considered for the new title of "Senior Advisor" and get my salary elevated to a new high of $1 per year. Don't you just love Executive Bailouts?

Major Alan Lamarche

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