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FASCO Chairman of the Board


Karl C. Poulin, CPOI, CPS, CHS-III

K.C. Poulin is President and CEO of Critical Intervention Services (CIS), a dynamic and leading Florida-based private protection agency. For more than twenty years, CIS has specialized in providing protective services for high threat and escalated environments as well as expert public safety services for living communities. Poulin leads the company in its business development and growth efforts, pioneering innovative ideas to effectively assess and manage security needs for individuals, communities and organizations worldwide. Poulin's experience is rooted in more than two decades in the fields of law enforcement, security operations, threat management, executive protection and public safety in high crime communities. Poulin also has extensive experience in the areas of critical infrastructure, critical incident management, anti-terrorism operations and disaster response. .

Poulin graduated from Executive Security International as a Certified Protection Specialist and has received extensive training in the areas of emergency management, critical incident management, terrorism, extremism, juvenile violence and prevention, executive protection and workplace violence. He is certified by FEMA in Emergency Response to Terrorism and has been awarded Level III Homeland Security certification from The American Board for Certification in Homeland Security certification from The American Board for Certification in Homeland Security. Poulin has also received certification as a Certified Protection Officer Instructor (CPOI) through the International Foundation for Protection Officers (IFPO) and has been appointed to the Board of Directors for IFPO.

Poulin's expertise spans the spectrum of the private security industry. As a protection specialist, Poulin has provided protective services for recognizable figures including civil rights icon Rosa Parks, Senator Bob Dole, radio personality Glenn Beck, actor Steven Segal, news anchor Paula Zahn, talk show host Sally Jesse Raphael, and civil rights leader Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu. In the industrial arena, he has conducted risk assessments, developed and coordinated anti-terrorism deployments for power plants and facilities that warehouse dangerous chemicals. Poulin has overseen numerous protective assignments for the Florida Department of Insurance and was involved with the protection of the 2012 GOP convention in Tampa and many other special security projects.

Poulin frequently serves as a consultant for the news media. Throughout his career, he has appeared as a subject expert in hundreds of television, newspaper, magazine and radio news interviews. Poulin has testified as an expert witness in liability cases that draw upon his expertise in premises liability and inadequate security as well as protective operations. He has lectured on numerous occasions to the Florida Chapter of the F.B.I., National Academy Associates, and other industry organizations. Notably, Poulin has co-authored and published two books with Professor Charles Nemeth: Private Security and Public Safety - A Community Based Approach and The Prevention Agency: A Public Safety Model for High Crime Communities in the 21st Century. Both books feature the unique methodology, the Community and Character Based Protection Initiative (CCBPI), developed by Poulin in 1994 and practiced by Critical Intervention Services protection officers. Over the years, Poulin and his colleagues have worked to refine and advance the CCBPI methodology, which has received both national and worldwide recognition.

A strong supporter and proponent of professionalism within the industry, Poulin has been an active participant and leader within industry organizations throughout his career and is dedicated to helping enact legislation that works to elevate industry standards and improve public safety. Prior to being elected Chairman of the Board, Poulin served as FASCO's president for four years. Presently, Poulin's professional associations and affiliations include:

The Florida Association of Security Companies
Chairman of the Board—June, 2013 - Present
President – 2009 to June, 2013

The Florida Association of Security Companies (FASCO) represents the interests of licensed private security agencies throughout Florida.

The International Foundation for Protection Officers
Board of Directors Member – 2005 to Present

The International Foundation for Protection Officers is a non-profit organization established in January 1988 for the purpose of facilitating the training and certification needs of protection officers and security supervisors/managers from both the commercial and proprietary sectors.

Executive Security International
Advisory Council Member – 1992 to Present

Executive Security International's fifteen-member advisory council analyzes and advises on security related subjects dealing with the protection industry.

Keiser University Homeland Security / Emergency Management
Advisory Board Member – Appointment 2013

Assist the University in curriculum review and revision to ensure graduates’ skills align with contemporary employment requirements and assist the University in determining future program development in areas that would benefit the local community.

John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Center for Private Security and Safety
Advisory Board Member – Appointment 2012

The Center for Private Security and Safety’s primary focus is on further professionalizing the private security industry and its aligned safety constituencies in fire and emergency services. The Center is dedicated to developing joint partnerships with public safety providers and to serving the corporate and industrial complex and institutions in need of asset and personal protection such as hospitals and medical facilities, colleges and universities, banking and financial institutions, transit and travel operations, and military.

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