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FASCO Past Chairman of the Board

Major Alan Lamarche

Major Lamarche grew up in Broward County and moved to north Florida in 1963 when he attended FSU on a football scholarship. He played on the first FSU team to beat the University of Florida and the first to play in a major college bowl game (Gator Bowl 1964--FSU beat Nebraska). Upon graduation from FSU with a BS in Criminology & Law Enforcement, he began his career as a Wildlife Officer with the Florida Game & Fresh Water Fish Commission. While working for GFC, Major Lamarche attended NOVA University at night and on weekends and earned his MS in Criminal Justice Administration. He later became the first Wildlife Officer to graduate from the elite FBI National Academy. Being the first Florida Wildlife Officer with a college degree in Law Enforcement, he was rapidly promoted over the years to Training Officer, Investigations Supervisor and Asst. Chief of Law Enforcement. During these years of distinguished public service, Major Lamarche fell in love with the "Red Hills" of North Florida, and he recognized a real need among large acreage property owners for a specialized, professional security service designed to meet their unique security problems.

In 1980, to avoid a "conflict of interest," he resigned from GFC to begin his career in private security as President/Founder of Plantation Security Inc. Major Lamarche, became a non-paid Leon County Deputy Sheriff and transferred to the Pat Thomas Law Enforcement Academy. There he became Range Master and was responsible for providing Recruit Firearms, Officer Survival, Firearms Instructor, and Advanced Firearms Instruction courses to hundreds of Local, State and Federal Law Enforcement Officers until his retirement in 1997.

In 1988, he was appointed to the Private Security Advisory Council (later renamed PIRSAC) by then Secretary of State Jim Smith and served two four year terms, serving one and a half terms as Chairman of PIRSAC. During those years, he served on the Council Training Committee and helped develop the K-Instructor Training Manual.

Major Lamarche joined FASCO when it was first formed serving as Vice President under then President Rick Massamei. Major Lamarche was first appointed to PIRSAC in 2002 and served 4 terms for a total of 16 years, serving as Chairman five terms. He became President of FASCO when Rick Massamei retired and served for 10 years until he stepped down from FASCO in 2009. In retirement, Major Lamarche serves as Past Chairman and Past President, providing guidance and council when requested.

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