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August 1, 2008

As you now know, we were not successful in passage of the Detain and Hold bill. Our Senate sponsor, Sen Victor Crist did a yeoman's job in trying to get it done in the Senate and, with help from Alan Lamarche, K.C. Poulin and Al Perotti from TECO, plus supporting e-mails from the FASCO membership, we were able to keep it moving through the various committees pretty well. The House was not so seamless. Our sponsor, Rep Taylor, was deeply involved in budget matters that were extremely demanding on her time. I was unable to get it on the agenda in the Safety and Security Council. I could not figure out what the problem was until I became aware that the Florida PBA and the Duval Co. FOP were opposing it. They had not informed me or Rep Taylor of their opposition, as it the custom, but went directly to the Chairman, Rep Kravitz. Sen Crist convinced the PBA to back off but that left the FOP. Kravitz is very close to the FOP and that was the reason he was not letting us be heard. When all of this came to light, we were two weeks out of sync with the session and time ran out. Apparently, while promising us and Rep Taylor that he would let our bill be heard, he was listening to the FOP. Next year, if FASCO moves the legislation again, Sen Crist is ready and willing to sponsor it again. We could hardly find a better advocate in the Senate. In the House, we may consider a change. The bill is otherwise ready to go.

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