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Security Industry Updates

February 13, 2008


The Dept of Ag and Consumer Services (DOACS) bill includes two issues of interest it deems to be beneficial to the protection of the public:

  1. The requirement for PI Interns to complete 40 hours of basic investigative instruction. 24 hrs must be completed prior to licensure and the remaining 16 hrs within 180 days. The 2 yr Internship period requirement remains.

  2. A new requirement for PI license applicants to pass an exam on Ch. 493. Grandfathers current licensees.
  • There is no legislation regarding firearms.

  • There is no legislation regarding window tinting exemptions for PIs because the Dept of Highway Safety was opposed.

  • There is no legislation regarding unlicensed background investigative services because the Div of Lic agrees the current language Sec. 493.6106(17) is sufficient to prohibit such activities. They are reviewing their capabilities to initiate enforcement against those companies.

  • There is no legislation regarding continuing education. The exam on 493 for future applicants will resolve the same objectives CE would accomplish, greater understanding of Ch. 493.

  • The Florida Association of License Investigators (FALI) is supporting the Ag bill, but does not have a separate bill.

  • The Dept of Revenue efforts to eliminate the service tax on PI agencies are continuing, but slowly. This is not a legislative issue, but an administrative one.


The Florida Association of Security Companies (FASCO) is presenting two bills:

  1. Authorize green, in addition to Amber emergency lights on private security vehicles. The colors would be displayed 50/50. Applies to public and private roads.

  2. Grant authority for licensed Security Officers to Detain and Hold For Law Enforcement when a crime has been committed or there is a reasonable basis to believe a crime is imminent. Limits the Security Officer authority to licensed officers in uniform, on duty and on the property of the client. Authorizes pat down search for a weapon. Requires that LE be called ASAP upon such hold. This bill is still in search of a sponsor in the House. It may be presented as a committee bill.
  • No firearms issues this year although the industry has expressed a continuing interest in some future changes to training and types of weapons authorized.

  • No training issues. Terrorism awareness was added to the basic 40 hr curriculum by administrative rule of the Div of Lic last year. the rule changed some existing curriculum, but did not add additional hours.

  • No new license categories are being proposed.

  • There have been some initial discussions regarding regulatory compliance issues and special comprehensive legislation for the nuclear and conventional power industry, but no draft bills have been forthcoming.

  • Port security. Sweeping legislation from past sessions is still being implemented.


The DOACS bill includes language to allow on-line training for the 40 hr. license course. This will resolve a critical problem faced by new Recovery Agent applicants, a shortage of Recovery Schools in the state, which currently requires applicants to travel to central or southern Florida for live training, with the travel costs and tuition.


Our relationship with the Div of Licensing remains good. Buddy and his staff are approachable and professional in their duties.

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